Leaderboard Summary

Name Playtime Kills Deaths KDR Accuracy Actions
Mei.Kyuti1d 14h 1m2431002.4326%
Unnamedsoldier^2d 12h 9m2291261.8233%
Ace2d 11h 41m226882.5732%
mayhemersch2d 17h 31m222752.9626%
Merser6663d 4h 10m2142041.0528%
ButtfaceHiggins2d 4h 59m2121121.8920%
Fredrick The Trucker6d 6h 25m2061521.3621%
Jorg2d 1h 25m205504.136%
RmzaTT8d 12h 24m2041651.2439%
Sexven._.2d 17h 4m2011591.2645%
Zirpz2d 21h 57m197494.0240%
Hyp3r2d 2h 54m196752.6138%
Habibi with a db4d 10h 34m1942270.8583%
853665403681321561d 5h 26m189583.2646%
The Dennis1d 17h 59m186882.1142%