Leaderboard Summary

Name Playtime Kills Deaths KDR Accuracy Actions
Fredrick The Trucker6d 6h 25m2061521.3621%
Lixiceek1d 13h 47m541510.3650%
??2d 1h 40m661510.4492%
d?wig2d 0h 58m231510.1550%
TwonNasty2d 6h 6m361490.2464%
Zisphree ?5d 3h 25m2671491.7927%
Lynxter3d 11h 59m1061470.7226%
skrub3d 8h 47m691470.4775%
PoCro2d 18h 11m1511471.0338%
Echo9532d 19h 38m821420.5831%
The Vent Demon5d 4h 57m4111412.9120%
2115d 13h 39m1841381.3335%
???-3-4d 5h 44m241370.1834%
BEZDAR why?2d 17h 49m1731361.2737%
Jack2d 12h 41m581350.4338%