Leaderboard Summary

Name Playtime Kills Deaths KDR Accuracy Actions
YIKE$#@!2d 1h 26m118254.7229%
the goat of farmer1d 15h 45m117761.5425%
pdizzle1d 14h 45m117363.2527%
Richard Nixon1d 7h 53m115333.4837%
Gigger banditcamp.com1d 16h 55m1141220.9378%
Flipper2d 15h 20m112432.631%
ReaperZeraW3d 6h 52m112741.5113%
1231d 3h 15m112363.1136%
Rick.Morty2d 7h 43m110931.1840%
Badger2d 6h 54m1091330.8249%
Jonathan1d 10h 33m108631.7119%
[HG]R E B E L1d 19h 56m108761.4299%
Raps Big Toe1d 2h 16m1071080.9930%
•HARM• Ghost Banditcamp.com11h 29m107611.7528%
i2d 8h 1m105701.532%